Closed thread wrongly displays post form


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On a closed thread the page still displays the inviting post form with user avatar beside it.

Having the post form all ready to use with my avcatar beside it is a very powerful design feature. It draws me in and pulls me to post because it makes me look as if I'm already part of the thread.

A closed thread should therefore mark its difference by NOT displaying the editor form.
- it rather dilutes the welcoming feel on all other threads showing that the editor post form is just thrown in everywhere there is a thread;.
- it actually sets the user up for rebuff - if the text about the message is not noticed, user writes post maybe with care and effort, only to be rejected. NOT a good gift to our user.

Quick conditional on this pretty please.
Maybe for now we could add it to EXTRA.css?


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That is, you have the ability to open/close the thread and reply yourself. (Because you could just open it, reply, and close it.)