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Jake Bunce

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That is a moderator permission. You can grant it to an individual user:

Admin CP -> Users -> User Permissions -> Lock / unlock threads

But this applies to all threads, not just their own.


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Close ... meaning ...
(1) delete ?
(2) lock ?
(3) only the thread starter can reply ?
I do like the idea of a user being able to set a thread to option (3) currently only way for them to lock a thread is to ask a moderator but then they can't post in there either so if they ever want to they would have to ask a moderator to unlock the thread first just causing more work for the staff...

Digital Doctor

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I've seen a vB mod that does (3). A forum I use allows members to sell stuff and in the end .... they decided that they only wanted the seller to be able to discuss the item being sold.

When forum software was developed .... Forums and Users seemed to get permissions.
And most forum software ... if not all ... forgot to think about Thread permissions.

I have reviewed most forum software for "Thread Permissions" and they all get a "D-".


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vB as default didn't need a mod for that permission to be set per forum, there was in fact two permission I really miss...

1. that restricted replying to threads to only the thread starter.
2. that restricted viewing of threads to only the thread starter (and admin) this was amazing for draft forums, and talk to the admin forums where users could raise their concerns in a forum and all other members could see was the thread title!

Digital Doctor

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Cool. I didn't know that. I've upgraded vB3 to a "D" from "D-". :)
The features I've wanted are things like,
thread starter being able to assign editing rights to another additional user.
moderator being able to assign editing rights to another additional user.
Thread starter can moderate all posts in thread.

Posts having versions (which can be reverted to).

Actually, I think I was most unimpressed about POST permissions, not thread permissions.