Cliff Richard Fan thread


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Okay. Some people can not appreciate Cliff Richard so I thought I would commemorate his fine *chuckles* singing career with this thread. I know one or two of you fans are hiding out there so pluck up the courage and let yourselves be known.

What's your favourite Cliff Richard Track? Mine has to be Devil Woman.



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We could just delete any posts that come in here, to ensure that it stays empty. ;)


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Shelley you're an evil, evil woman.....
I honestly thought Kier would venture in here first, Heck after mikes post I even thought he would pop in. It just must be my lucky day, I get a nice little spanking whilst listening to Cliff Richard. It can't get any better.

Oh, Just noticed the Quote BB button in the quickreply box. When did that get put in?


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Who can forget this awesome '80's classic!!!1!!

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