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Fixed Clicking name in autocomplete dropdown when tagging doesn't insert name into editor


XenForo moderator
Staff member
When tagging someone, as the autocomplete dropdown appears, clicking a name doesn't insert it into the editor.


Well-known member
I can reproduce it.

When users have a space in their name, it isn't inserted.
Try @Mike and then clicking Mike Buttery

/hmm, in this post it didn't work, but when I try it in a new post in the editor below it does work with Mike Buttery.
/trying a third time and it's not inserting again ==> Think it's related to the space in the name

Running Chrome on Win 7


XenForo moderator
Staff member
What tends to happen is I click the name, the dropdown disappears but the cursor remains as the hand.

I need to click in the text area again to get the focus back.

It happens with any name, spaces or no spaces.


Well-known member
@Mike - The name is inserted but the cursor remains a hand until I manually bring the focus back to the text area.

Chrome / Win 7

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Just to confirm...

This happens if you were to type


And click on @Brogan in the auto-complete list?
And the text @Brogan is not added into the post?

What if you hit enter? Does it work then?

I can't understand why several users on similar platforms are having different experiences here...


Well-known member
I can reproduce this with Safari, but it's quite strange. With a single click nothings happen, i have to double click it, then it works.


Well-known member
I can confirm this bug, again of Windows 7 running the latest version of Chrome.

I just tried it with @Brogan:

  • Typing @Bro and then clicking on his name from the dropdown list didn't complete the tag.
  • Typing @Bro and then pressing enter did complete the tag
  • Typing @Bro and double clicking on his name did complete the tag

What's strange is that on the odd occasion I can click on @Brogan's name and it does complete the tag. However most of the time it doesn't and I can't find any rhyme nor reason as to why this isn't consistent.