As designed Click to Dismiss Notification

Sadik B

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The new notifications are cool! :)

I saw the Welcome to XF 1.5 notice, with click here for more details. I clicked it and got to the HYS thread. Again I see the Welcome to XF 1.5 notice, click here for more details! Now... Didn't I click that already.... Ok click again, same page! Then I realize oh you have to dismiss it (and the top right cross wasn't visible until I moved my mouse on it).

So either

a> When someone clicks on the link inside the notification, the notification should be auto-dismissed


b> At the very least, the page which the notifications links to (if inside xenforo) should not show the notification.


XenForo developer
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I would say that auto dismissing on click would be bad and unexpected in various cases. Page based limits aren't really viable either. Bear in mind that the content in a notice is totally arbitrary, potentially having multiple links, etc.