Lack of interest Choosers always visible, it would be great.


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From this thread:

In the bottom left. that links disappear in the resource_add page.
They don't appear on any page loaded via POST.
Hello @Mike,
As user, is a little weird if suddenly they just disappear sometimes. (I have my choosers next to the logo and with graphics xdd)
Creating a thread they doesn't disappear, but creating a new account or creating a resourse they disappear.
To multi-lingual board the choosers are very important, I'll suggest this. would be great if in the future the choosers are always visible.
Thank you!


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Here my custom choosers in the header:
Appreciate if there are some way to keep them visible always.
Thanks again.
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There are technical reasons why they don't show. They wouldn't work properly on any page where they're not currently showing.