XF 1.5 Is it possible to make the breadcrumbs always visible? (no collapsing)


Thoroughly searched and couldn't find anything. I'm looking for a way to remove the auto collapse functionality for the middle items in the breadcrumbs list (so, basically, they're all, always visible. No need to click the dots to expand)

Any admin panel tips or customization ideas would be welcomed, especially if there's an easy way to do this in the templates. thanks!
It's possible. Unfortunately it looks like the java script is what is setting the display nones directly to the elements as well as modifying the class names of the other elements. Not going to be as easy as say changing the css responsive values.
Alas, had hoped indeed that JS wasn't involved.

Do you know if there's a canonical best way to make JS changes? We've been using an add-on for basic template replacement (for small code chunks), and have our own CSS to override certain things, but I'm still not sure of the best way to deal with JS...

thanks for your reply!
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