Implemented Choose Default Editor - Rich Text or BBC


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I'd like to see an option to show which editor to use by default. The Rich Text Editor or BBC. I personally can't stand the Rich Text Editor. Especially if I edit a post that was written in BBC, then the rich text editor loads by default and alters my stuff.


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id like it to be both an admin-defined default and a user preference. perhaps even an option to disable the rte full stop. it doesnt play well with chrome, and is causing me problems.


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Cool, but there should be a setting to apply which is default for all user's. Just my 2 cents...
You should be able to do that with an SQL query for all existing users.
For new users it may require a change to a file, possibly datawriter?


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id love the old vb editor.
this tinymce editor is so bad with chrome that i am going to have to scrap my dark style and revert to a light style. this editor is pretty much making dark styles non-viable.