Fixed  Child categories are displayed 2 levels up


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I have my nodes set up as follows:


As can be seen, "Archive" is a child category of the "Fantasty F1" forum and itself has 3 sub-forums: 2011, 2010 and 2009 Archive.

However, when clicking on the "Fun & Games" forum, both the "Fantasy F1" forum and "Archive" category are shown as if they are siblings of each other as follows:


The "Archive" category is a grand-child of "Fun & Games" and a child of "Fantasy F1" and therefore shouldn't show up in this view.

If this is not a bug then ideally there would be an option to choose whether to display nodes 2 levels up.


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I'm experimenting with changing this to only show 1 level of children when you're viewing a forum. (If you're in a category, you'd still see 2 levels.) The thinking here being that, if you're in a forum, the elements of that forum itself are important; showing 2 levels mostly just serves to lengthen the child list. (Additionally, we don't have much visual distinction between a level 1 and level 2 forum.)


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That's great Mike.
It's going to resolve a lot of issues as some of my archive forums have 20 Page nodes so it tends to make the forum view a bit long.