Browser issue Minor text margin issue in info box about child categories


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Affected version 2017-09-12
(Very minor UI issue)

When viewing media galleries with child categories, there is a message in a box "The items displayed on this page are being displayed from child categories."

On desktop this looks fine:


... but on my phone and tablet, the top margin seems to be a bit small and the text seems squashed.


It's not quite as noticeable on mobile in portrait mode because the text wraps, but landscape mode is displays the same as the tablet and is more obvious.


Phone is Samsung Galaxy S6 and tablet is Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 ... both running Chrome.


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This is actually browser/font issue. It's not something we have any control over (short of using a different font).

It has to do with how the baseline is defined within the font itself. CSS gives us no ability to manipulate that (particularly when there are multiple fonts that can be displayed). You can actually see it in the buttons as well.