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hello guys,

i was thinking about ordering a xf license for a imageboard, whith chevereto, so i registered a demo server to check if everything i want is possible, before purchasing.

what i would like to achieve:.
1.disable xenforo-"attach files" functionality
2.change the "attach-files" button under the editor to the chevereto-pup-button
3.change the "insert image"-BBcode-Button-popup to use the chevereto-pup

what i tried:
1. added a new template "picupp", and added:
<script async src="//"
data-html="<button %x type='button' class='button--primary button button--icon button--icon--upload button--chev--after %iClass'><span class='button-text'> {{ phrase('itmChevInt_uploadImage')}}</span></button>">></script>
.button--chev--before {margin-right: 5px;}
.button--chev--after {margin-left: 5px;}

2. added this to the editor template
 <xf:include template="picupp" />

3. wiped "attachment_upload"-template (for removing the attach files button)

The result

i tried for 2 or 3 hours to find out what is providing the attachment button. after i succesfully removed it by wiping "attachment_upload"-template, i couldnt change the position of the chevereto "Upload Images". i tried everything.
no matter what i did, the button is alwys above the editor :(
its so confusing, i searched the whole internet but couldnt find out how the thousands of templates are arrangeing the elements.

What am i missing? can somebody tell me if there is a fix for this or if i should look for other forum software than xenforo?

best regards
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hmm can you point me to a documentation where such things are detailed? in the standard manual i couldnt find it.
i just want to see how such tings are handled in xf and if i can maintain it by myself, before purchasing your software, i hope you can understand that?

i thought the demo version is offered to test such things -

if i cant try such a small thing like a template/design customization, then it would be pretty useless demo^^


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i know, i already did that.
but its very messy und confusing, where can i find a documentation about the templates?

when including the chevereto in PAGECONTAINER, it appears when replying in a thread.
but it does not appear on submit new thread.

thats confusing und unlogic.

you see, this is the art of issues i try to check before purchasing.
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