Lack of interest Check Password Strength


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My current password for my forum is apparently "Forceable in 1931 years, 9 months" lol. Not sure how this works, I'm guessing it just goes from characters used, the script is assuming my password is a word in 'a' dictionary, which it's not :) My password is a jumble of random letters and numbers higher/lower case.


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I prefer the method that Google is using for Gmail.
While it's neat to see the theoretical time it would take to break the password, I too am for the simpler approach like Google uses with Weak, Fair, Good, Strong feedback. Given XenForo initiates a CAPTCHA input after the fifth incorrect password, the days/years to break is irrelevant anyway. (not that I'm discouraging others from using this approach - it's personal preference and up to the site admin...)

Side note: [rant]I HATE when sites create extreme rules about passwords. Forcing someone to start with a Capital letter, have capital, lower case and numbers, etc is frustrating.[/rant]



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Is is not about admins having to set how strong it should be, this is just a pass strength tool


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I wouldn't want it to say how it will guess it to be cracked. I would rather like others have said have it like Google.

Just have Weak, Fair, Good, Strong feedback is all I would like to see.


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I too would favour a simpler approach.

Having a piece of software telling me that my password can be cracked in X days/months/years doesn't make me feel very safe putting my password into that site ;)