XF 2.2 Preventing Users From Undoing Their Reactions but Allowing Reaction Change


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Recently, I've come across a specific functionality need regarding user reactions.

I'd like to prevent users from being able to undo their reactions once they've been placed. However, I still want them to have the ability to change their reaction to a different one. To clarify, once a user has reacted to a post, they shouldn't be able to remove their reaction completely, but they should be allowed to change it to another reaction if they wish to do so.

I am aware that this might be a somewhat unconventional request, as the ability to undo reactions offers flexibility for users who may change their minds about their initial reactions. However, for the specific needs and dynamics of our community, we believe this feature would be beneficial.

So, my question is, is there a way to disable the "undo" feature for reactions, but still allow users to change their reaction, either natively within Xenforo or via a plugin or addon? If this is not directly possible, are there any workarounds that anyone could suggest?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and advice.

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