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Chatbox with new thread notification

Here at http://xenforo.com/community/threads/dragonbyte-xfshout-ajax.7867/

They have upcoming features, but their development has been on hold since the release of version 1.

Upcoming Features
  • Archive
  • Advanced Optimisation Protocol
  • New Post / New Thread Notifications
  • Shoutbox Tabs
  • Private Messaging
  • Active Users Shout-bit
  • Chat Rooms within instances
  • Shoutbox Sounds
  • Admin Log Viewer
  • Admin Banned Users List
  • Admin Log / Archive Downloading
  • Easier access to common actions (Ban / Unban, View Profile, etc)
  • Idle Timeout
  • Auto-Idle Usergroup setting
When I used to manage a vBulletin forum, "New Post / New Thread Notifications" in a chatbox was extremely useful! (The plugin I used also made a *ding* noise upon new thread/post. (Optional to turn noise on/off))

So basically, i'm requesting a add-on that does what I said in the paragraph above.