XF 1.3 Changing the URL Landing Page


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Under the Basic Board Information you have the option to change the board URL. Now I have made a page similar to XenForo's landing page. My URL is http://www.sociallivingtoday.com and I am trying to change it to http://www.sociallivingtoday.com/cover/index.html from that page you will be able to access the forum. However for some reason its not working? Now under the Basic Board Information you have three options the first is Board URL, the second is Index Page Route and the last is Home URL. I have tried many ways I have to be missing something. Could someone help me with this?

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Jake Bunce

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"Index Page Route" is to change the forum index to another page within XenForo.

To install a non-XF index page in your web root normally requires moving XF to a subdirectory. Or try specifying a directory index other than 'index.php' by adding this to the .htaccess file in your web root:

DirectoryIndex filename.html
But even still, you will probably experience some contention between the XF index and your custom index as long as they are in the same directory.

Another option is to create a page node in XF with the content from your custom index. Then you can use "Index Page Route" since the page node is within XF.