XF 1.2 Changing the editor text area background color


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I'm trying to change the background color of the editor text area. This would seem simple enough at first glance, but I've tried several things and nothing seems to work on this.

I'm assuming this is the only related HTML code:

<iframe style="width: 100%; height: 100px; " frameborder="0" class="redactor_textCtrl redactor_MessageEditor redactor_BbCodeWysiwygEditor"></iframe>
I want this changed with EXTRA.css so I tried

.redactor_BbCodeWysiwygEditor {background-color:#fff !important}

and a lot of other things, but it seems to be hard coded or something? Maybe I'm missing something.


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I was looking at editor_contents.css but couldn't find the class name, is there a class I can use in EXTRA.css ?

Also in the style properties the background for Editor Contents has a clear value?


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Ok thanks so the clear value is the default setting even though the editor has #fcfcff as the default background color, that's why I was confused. Anyway, as I'm trying not to change any style properties for this style I'm creating, is there a way to do this with EXTRA.css only?


No, it can't be done in extra.css because it's a separate iframe. Only editor_contents.css is loaded.
Sorry for dusting this thread off.

Is there any progress available so this also can be changed within the extra.css in the future? Especially for style-updates we're looking forward to change all style-related things within the extra.css. And this currently seems to be the one and only thing which can't be changed within the extra.css (I'm sure there are more things not changeable within the extra.css but I didn't find them yet ^^ ).



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No, it is unlikely to ever change. The CSS you would use inside the editor has no real bearing on the CSS outside of it.