Changing style path for avatars


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I'm working on a new style. I've moved the directory of the new style from "\styles\default\xenforo\" to "\styles\mynewstyle\", then went through all style settings and properties and changed all image links (image path), according to this, I applied all the changes needed to all templates that have associated images.

All went good so far EXCEPT one issue, the avatars still pointing to the name of the default style "\xenforo\" instead of the new style "\mynewstyle\". The avatar links point to the correct directory that contains the new style, but it has the wrong style folder in its link, the avatar links looks like this:


when it should be like this:


I searched almost all the templates and triple checked the style properties, but still couldn't find where to set the correct path for avatars.

Any suggestions?


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No, answer? OK, it feels good to know I'm not the only one who couldn't figure this out. :rolleyes:
Anyway, I think I found my answer here.