XF 2.0 Changing Forum Title and URL Portion


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I would like to be able to change the title of a forum, without changing the URL.

My current forum URL is like forums/forum-name.123

If I change the title, the URL changes automatically.

If I enter something in the 'URL portion' then the forum ID is removed from the URL. For example, if I enter forum-name then the new forum URL will be forums/forum-name/ This input will not accept input of forum-name.123 so it's impossible to enter the original forum URL here.

Is there any solution to this?


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No, because allowing you to enter "xyz.123" would be completely ambiguous as to what the format would be.

What's the significance of including the ID there?


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I wouldn't need to add the ID there if the ID weren't stripped when I enter "xyz" there.

Presumably, you have added the 'URL portion' option to allow for custom node URL's. However, there is no option to include the ID and entering anything here forces the ID to be stripped, so it's impossible to have consistent node URL format if some nodes use a custom URL and some nodes use the default that includes the ID.