XF 2.2 Changing Forum Title Messes with URL


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Hello All,
I have a website that has a forum thread as the index page. When I direct my browser to www.mywebsite.com then the index page is the "Main Forum" page. However, the page title is still listed as "Main Forum" and I would instead like to re-title this forum so it shows up as "My Website Title". The problem is that when I re-title the forum (in Node Settings), then my Home URL changes to www.mywebsite.com/forums/main-forum.2 ???

I would like to re-title the Main Forum node, but still retain the website URL that directs to that node as mywebsite.com. Thank you!
Changing the title changes the URL, so you'd have to update the URL to match. To make things easier you might set the "URL portion" option of the forum to something like main and then use forums/main/ as your index route. Then changing the title of the forum will no longer change its URL.
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