XF 1.5 Changing Board URL with no access to ACP

Dear Support

I have an issue.
I've tried to install https instead of http but something get wrong in my apache settings.
So I decided to go back.
Every thing is ok, except that I cannot access to ACP any more.
Indeed I have changed in the Board URL previously by changing the http to https, so that now when I'm connecting to admin.php, I redirects to https://...

I'm trying to change the URL from the database but cannot found where it is stored.
Can you help me?

Thank you

Brad Padgett

Well-known member
My guess is it's something in your .htaccess file. I would check that and see if you have any https redirects. If so I would undo it so you can get back into your admin panel and then go from there to find out what the issue was to stop you from accessing your administrator panel when set to https.

You can then find out the proper way to set it up with https.