Changing avatar size in profile?



I've been swimming in the guts of my site for a little while. I've currently put in the ability to have a banner on the user's profile, according to a URL they provide, as detailed here. I've set it so banners will display at 730w by 205l px. The only problem is that I can't find any way to "force" avatars to display with a height of 205px on profiles. It makes the user profile look "weird" when it isn't lined up.

Anybody know how to change this? I've Googled and searched and such, but it seems all anybody wants to do is change the avatar size in the postbit (which is useless to me). Maybe I'm missing something really obvious.

EDIT: Feel free to ignore this for the time being, gonna look at other stuff first.
ive been trying to work this out to.. Anyone with any suggestions? I didnt mean to high jack anyones thread but my question is the same as the OP's

I tried adding this to the extra css with no luck..
.avatarScaler img {
max-width: 250px;
_width: 250px;
Add to EXTRA.css:
.profilePage .avatarScaler img {
height: 205px;

It's going to look horrible though as they are going to be stretched or squashed.
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