XF 1.5 Changed Hosting Companies - 500 Error

I have changed hosting companies and I have two main issues:

1. When I try to manually add a Supporter, or add a member to another group, I get a blank page with an Error 500 (image attached)
2. After the move, members are no longer able to upload the image sizes that they did before. The Attachments parameters under Options did not change, but they are still getting these errors. I have it set for 10MB, but only a max size of 2MB are being allowed.

I would appreciate any information that can be provided to fix these two problems.

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Members who pay via the site are allowed to pay for their upgrade; however, the upgrade does not take affect with their account now.
The only issue that I have left is not being able to change/add/remove a user from a group, nor a paid membership being upgraded automatically as it has been in the past.

If no one can provide insight into this, can you inform me where to search for the answer?

Thank you.