Any suggestions on hosting companies?


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Hi folks, I'm running into issues now with HostGator's shared server which locks max SQLconnections to 25. We're exceeding that now, so need to migrate.

I'm not up to speed on all the offerings from various providers and don't truly understand them in any case. I'm not an IT guy :( Dedicated servers from Hostgator are in the $110s+, but 1&1 has cheaper ones. Does anyone have a recommendation? Or is there a better option than dedicated given our size:

~50 simultaneous users, 8k members, 115k posts, using Media, using Resources

I'm looking for a reasonable cost, a provider that will help with or preferably fully handle the migration for me, automatic daily backups, and something I won't need to mess with for a long time (i.e. I want to overbuy a bit). Super bonus if they are familiar with Xenforo.


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These kinds of hosts are really, really bad. Stay away from them. Also stay away from anything acquired by EIG - they acquire companies and make them unbearable.

Given your size, you will be fine on a decently sized VPS. You won't require a dedicated server. If you want one, OVH (and their SoYouStart sister brand) do good servers for the price. I'd personally still opt for a VPS, since OVH aren't exactly stars for reliability and support for network/hardware issues is meh, but YMMV.

Ideally, get a VPS from Linode, DigitalOcean or another reputed VPS provider. Hire a system administrator to set them up. @MattW is the typical recommendation by people on here, certainly knowledgeable with XF.

That's really all there is to it. It gives you maximum control over your environment, and you're essentially only relying on your provider for the network rather than your entire stack, and Linode/DO have excellent reliability.