Fixed change thumbnail leads to blank page


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User uploaded a picture but it didn't create a thumbnail.

I go in and click the change thumbnail button.

Pop-up dialog box shows, I select delete (which should attempt to recreate a thumbnail) and click the Save Changes button.

Page refreshes and it is a blank white page
Can you produce the same issue here? Or is it only on a certain picture?

Is anything logged in your XF Server Error Log?

Can you also check your PHP and web server logs in case anything is listed in there relating to this error?
No thumbnail would be created because the image is too large. To adjust that you need to add $config['maxImageResizePixelCount'] to config.php with a value of around 30000000, e.g.
$config['maxImageResizePixelCount'] = 30000000;

However, I think there is a bug here after all. The resize process doesn't actually check the above config value, and just tries to resize the image anyway. The image being very large is likely causing PHP to crash by exhausting all the available memory. This is what the config value should prevent from happening.

Regardless of that bug, the only option you have here to add a thumbnail of this image is to either delete the image, resize it locally, and then upload a smaller version of it. Or keep the large version uploaded and upload a custom thumbnail for it.

We've made this more robust for the next release; if the image is too large to thumbnail we no longer attempt to.
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