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We have a collection of knowledge base articles maintained by our small support team. How do I change the author of a thread properly through database without breaking anything and without using an add-on?

I found the following tables:
  • xf_thread_user_post (user_id, thread_id)
  • xf_thread (user_id, thread_id)
  • xf_post (user_id, thread_id)
Is there anything I missed or are there more locations? Thanks. :)
Hello Saarbrücken ;)

Used an add-on! That way you are on the safe side and you don't always have to switch to the DB.

Grüß Gott ^^

I don't want to use any add-ons. If there was a free add-on available, I would simply look at the code, unfortunately that's not the case. I am also familiar with SQL, I just don't want to break anything.
There are four add-ons for author and date; the one from #4, one from XON, two from AndyB;
I remember to have installed three of them, but cant remember which ones and why. But somehow it was a complete system with three.
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