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Centering thread title (and thread author & date info).


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ShikiSuen submitted a new resource:

Centering thread title (and thread author & date info). - Only affecting the showthread pages, this mod centersthe thread title in the page header.

[Step 1] Modify the beginning part of the "thread_view" template:

Replace <xf:h1>{{ prefix('thread', $thread) }}{$thread.title}</xf:h1> with <xf:h1>{$thread.title}</xf:h1>

Add <span>{{ prefix('thread', $thread) }}</span> between <xf:description meta="false"> and <ul class="listInline listInline--bullet">.

This makes the first 5 lines of the "thread_view" template look like:
<xf:title page="{$page}">{{...

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Oh, bloodyhell, I don't know how it behaves with tags.
I never use tags in XF, but I am afraid of its possible appearance (shag it, unless this really pains for some people):