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Lack of interest Change the way Disallowed words in tags works


Well-known member
I noticed is that "Disallowed words in tags" works totally different from "Words to Censor"
With words to censor you can use "Xen" and Xenforo will still be allowed. With tags that doesn't seems to work.
Maybe it's a good idea to give these the same functions if possible?

Is there a reason it's done this way? The way Words to Censor works seems to be the better way.

Disallowed words in tags
The words or phrases in this field will not be allowed in any part of tags. Put each word or phrase on its own line. Entering 'tar' will disallow 'star' and 'tarnish' etc.
Words to Censor
This is a list of words or phrases that are to be censored. If a replacement word or phrase is entered, the censored text will be rewritten to this (for example, replacing "dog" with "cat"). If no replacement is entered, the censored text will be replaced with censor characters (for example, "***").

If you wish to match a wildcard at the beginning or end of the matched word, add a "*" in the correct position. For example, "dog" will not censor "dogs" but "dog*" will.