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Change The User Profile Commenting System To Twitter-Like

Discussion in 'XenForo Suggestions' started by TheBigK, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    This was one of the suggestions made to me by our forum members and I think it'd be super cool. I did a quick search on xenForo to see if it's already been suggested, but couldn't find a similar suggestion. So here we go.

    What we have at present:-

    I update my status on my profile and comment on the posts made by others. That's basically and old way of doing things. It's boring! I do go and see my 'news feed', but there's nothing I can do right there except for watching what's going on (and not participating).

    What's cool -

    Turn the user profile commenting system to twitter like! That is, I can update my own status; but at the same time, my user profile also shows status / comment updates from members I'm subscribed to - similar to twitter.

    We can then have hashtags, trending topics, lists et. al. I'm sure @Mike and @Kier can think of something more innovative.

    Why is this required?

    Our users told me they've no reason to visit their own profile pages unless someone comments. So that section remains idle. Instead, I'd really love to go to my own profile to participate in discussions, comment on other people's status updates, use hash-tags as trending topics, etc.

    Plus this all integrated with xenForo's beautiful alerts system would make XenForo's stickiness 100x more!

    Will this affect forums?

    I believe people would prefer casual discussions through the new system, but for more formal discussions; we'll always have the main board!

  2. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    This certainly does sound like a good idea, +1!

    People rarely visit profile pages - even to update their own status, as they can do it from the username drop down page...

    This would get people interacting with their profile again.

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  3. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    Would love to see more opinions on this :)
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  4. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    something like this ?


  5. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    Not exactly. But I'd want the profile commenting system to be more like twitter or even Facebook. I'm not a fan of Facebook (or twitter); but think that it'd great if we could get all the status updates from people I follow right on my profile 'wall'. It'd make it easier to interact with others.

    Also, it'd give me a solid reason to go check my own profile comments more often than I do now.
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  6. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

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  7. erich37

    erich37 Well-Known Member

    well, if you put a tabbed "Recent Activity" of the "people you follow" onto your Profile-Page... it would look similar to this:

    It would be just a new Tab at your own Profile-Page which shows the "Status" and the "Recent Activity" of the "people you follow".

    Generally speaking:
    Why not have the "Your News Feed" in a Tab at the Profile-Page ?
    It is currently too much hidden away.... I doubt any user even finds it.


    Last edited: Sep 9, 2013
  8. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    This sounds interesting.
  9. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    Okay, I think this isn't getting the response it needs to grab the attention of the developers. Maybe I'll look at getting a custom addon developed.

    @erich37 - Yeah - but the news feed is totally hidden. I myself didn't know about it until one day I accidentally discovered it! Plus, it does not let me build discussion!

    Why should the discussions happen only in the forums?

    The forums mostly are dedicated to a broad topic; like ours is for all things engineering. One of our users asked - why should the discussions happen ONLY in the forums? Why not turn the entire forum as a place for conversations?

    Even on xenForo - I seldom visit my own profile page - because it's lonely. No one really comments on it. No one notices my status update - so I've no motivation to update my status.

    All I am saying is - the profile page should be more active! - Show me the updates from the entire site; or let me pick up the people (people I'm following) to get updates from.

    Come on, don't let this die!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 3, 2014
  10. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    Here's one more idea that I think is A MUST!

    We all have this basic instinct for recognition and appreciation. When I get a new trophy for my contributions; why don't my followers get a notification?

    I think I should summarise my ideas in one post so that everyone can like them and get KAM's attention.
  11. Brent W

    Brent W Well-Known Member

    Profiles and status updates are something that have been completely neglected and it shows now in 2014 with this software. Hope to see something happen in this area and kind of like this idea.
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  12. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    I think more than that -the alerts system has not been utilised to its full potential. I've seen people logging in to see how many 'alerts' they have!

    Plus, I believe there has to be more meaning to me following people and people following people me.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2014
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  13. Brent W

    Brent W Well-Known Member

    I agree completely.
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  14. ZeWildGuy

    ZeWildGuy Member

    In my opinion, this would be a cool idea and would encourage use of profile pages. But I have seen XenForo criticised for being too similar to or orientated towards a social networking like system.
  15. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    Well; the group of users who use social networking features outweighs those who criticise it. I personally do not use any of the social networks.

    We may offer control to the users on what they want. People love alerts, people love status updates, and people definitely want to interact with others.
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  16. ForoStyle

    ForoStyle Active Member

    I logged-in to Like this :)
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  17. Enguerran A

    Enguerran A Well-Known Member

    I agree with the thread owner, something has to be done.
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