XF 1.5 Change forums/ and threads/ ?


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Is it possible to change the words : forums/ and threads/ that are prefixed to URLs of forums and threads respectively ?

lets say, I want to change them to forum/ and topic/


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Just trying to understand what all Route Filters can do.

Can we be able to change a particular keyword of all URLs to another ?

For eg, replace the keyword interesting with boring in all thread URLs ?

If so, how to use Wildcard to achieve this ?

Change from:



Change to:




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It is for the main routes - /forums/, /threads/, /posts/, etc.

I read that link. this concept is new for me and did not understand 100%, but I got overall idea.

Does Route Filter work on Permanent Redirect concept ?

Lets say, I change the path of Thread to something relevant to my website, does it help me for SEO in anyway ?
(or) this Route Filter is just for convenience of making URLs look better for users ?

Lets say, URL is:

If I change it to:

I mean, if my website is about Computers, and if I change URL like above, then will there be any advantage in terms of SEO ?
Will the Search Engines read the first URL (or) the changed 2nd URL ?


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We wouldn't know - you would have to ask Google how their algorithm works.

None to very little I suspect.