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Change color for each forum and user group?

Core Freedom

Well-known member
Is there a way to change the color for each 'bar' or even font color of each forum font?

Is there a way to add a symbol or picture next to each forum title?

I've seen some forums that who different colors for users or user groups. Does anyone know how this is done?


Well-known member
How to do the container bars in colours, their titles, a logo picture, and the colour of forum titles in that category.


I'm not so certain of user/ usergroup colours but here's some leads to check.

Brogan gives 3 links on this thread.

Several on this one too.

Core Freedom

Well-known member
Morgain, I had commented on your great colorful bars in the past. I followed those links but the instructions are somehow applicable to the Flexile style. When I do a 'ctrl f' once in the template I cannot find some of the coding. Is it possible that these instructions are XF template specific? I'm trying to determine if I should just revert back to the XF template to make things easier. :)


Well-known member
Sorry love, I dunno about the Flexile style. I do notice it throws up a lot of queries though.

My design is based on the basic XF style.
I remember we had a discussion about your header which neither of us thought was wonderful. I still think it does not serve your board well. You could have a perfectly powerful and graceful header without using a radically different style. That would also be much better when you need to upgrade - redoing it all is a headache I often see mentioned.
If you wanted to revert to the XF style I'll gladly help - I love styling. Also your board and mine supports a broadly similar ethos so we should help each other.

I could pop you on my own instant messenger so we can work together very easily and comfortably. Also apart from the high level support from lots of people here I have a friendly personal relationship with one of the best coders here. I know he would help us with the bits that go beyond what I have learned so far.

Core Freedom

Well-known member
Hi Morgain, yes, I just sent an inquiry to someone about reverting back to XF. I tried clicking over to the XF style myself but then the whole thing gets distorted, including XenPorta and what not (because of its wide style, which doesn't work for my site). Since I don't have an actual header, just a logo, I am not sure how to deal with that part either.

Yes, our sites are definitely complementary to one another, I agree. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you dear! :notworthy: