Fixed Censoring: Words that are censored in the forum are not censored in the notification emails.

Hello ,
We are using Xenforo 1.2.4
Regarding censoring words that are censored in the forum don't seem to be censored in the notification emails sent to users.

Here are the steps to reproduce this issue

  1. Create a post with words that are set up for censoring
  2. Reply to the post with another user
  3. View the notification email the first user receives
Actual result:

In the content of the response the words are censored but in the thread title the censored words are fully legible.

Expected Result:

Bad words should be completely censored

Please consider the following scenario:
UserA created a post with bad words in it, UserB replied to it, UserC replied to UserB. UserB will get a notification that UserC replied to this post and this notification will contain the non-censored words (UserB didn't create that post with badwords).

Could you please help out?

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I'm not able to confirm this.

I misread that. The censor doesn't extend to thread titles in the e-mails.


Liam W

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I just checked the code in my local 1.2 installation, and the code is there to censor thread titles in emails...



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Fixed for 1.3.1. I actually found a few other situations where the title could leak uncensored (mostly in conversations).

Note that this was specific to the title -- the content was always censored.