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Hi, I've created several forums, however the sub-forums are displaying as an in-line list, rather than just having a single link to the sub-forums. I have already enabled "Create Pages for Categories" (as I read on on the forums here, but still no luck).

Basically I want:

Special Places <- Category
Arosa <- Should be hidden
Ayrshire <- Should be hidden

However the sub-forums are displaying in-line.
Nope, that's made matters even worse! Now it's displaying the sub-forums on the main page as well, However, the tree is fine on level 2... Perhaps I should explain myself further... I have a node list like this:

Now the top level (1) is "Zen and the art of motorcycling".
Level 2 is Past, Present, Future (you can't seen present/future in the screenshot)
Level 3 are the forums Aphorism, Arts and Crafts.
when you visit the site you SHOULD see:
Clicking of Past *should* bring up:
Arts and Crafts <- Sub forums hidden
Chaos Management
Clicking Arts and Crafts should then display:
Now things where fine before I made that edit, but now I have the entire forums list on "Zen and the art..."
Hope that makes it a bit clearer what I'm trying to accomplish.


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OK, This is the display I currently have:


What I need to do now is hide the forums Aphorism, Arts and Crafts, Blogs, Chaos... so we're now left with


Click "Past" will bring up the Forums list... Arts and Crafts should be a single entry (this is now currently working)

Does that help?
Ah OK, gotcha! Well I tried that, it sorts out the main-page but now I'm back to Square One with the sub-forums! They're all now uncollapsed again!...

Arosa, Ayrshire and beyond should be rolled up under Special Places


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Then you're going to have to put another category between Special Places and the sub forums, but that will necessitate clicking on the child category to get to the forums, not the parent category.
hmmm... so the user would end up clicking "Special Places", which would bring up a "forums are here" category which would in turn take you to the actual forums? Have I understood correctly?

[EDIT] Just tried and it's gone "CLICK!" [/EDIT]
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