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Lack of interest Categories Need URL Portion Option...


Well-known member
Categories aren't used in XF except for the ID tag at the end (so that the page scrolls to the specified category), so having a URL portion for it would be redundant IMO...


XenForo moderator
Staff member
That's not strictly true as you can have categories appear as pages.


In which case the url then appears appended with the node id as follows: community/categories/formula-one.1/


anyway,.. i would like to have the 'Private Administration Forum (Team Member & Venture Capitalists)' show as /administration/

So this has my vote.


Well-known member
Love being able to specify a url portion for forums and for pages, but would like to do the same for categories and link forums. Is there a technical reason why this can't be done? If not, I'd submit it would be a useful feature. TIA!