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Fixed Capitalisation error in XenForo_Image_ImageMagick_Pecl

Jon W

Well-known member
In library/XenForo/Image/ImageMagick/Pecl.php, you need to replace:
class XenForo_Image_Imagemagick_Pecl extends XenForo_Image_Abstract
class XenForo_Image_ImageMagick_Pecl extends XenForo_Image_Abstract
This appears to be causing problems with add-ons that try to extend this class since that was made possible in XenForo 1.2 (and also when using a similar workaround in XenForo 1.1 to extend it).


XenForo developer
Staff member
Fixed. It's lucky that class even autoloads properly (due to us using the correct case in the directory name and when calling it).


Well-known member
That worked fine for me:

class AutoRotate_Image_Imagemagick_Pecl extends XFCP_AutoRotate_Image_Imagemagick_Pecl

:) Time to update the addon for the next xenforo release.