Can't Update Member


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I have a member that Xenforo won't allow me to update. I think it is due to their email, which goes something like this:

It's a school email if the end is anything to go by. When I try t edit, the software says:

Windows Live:
Please enter a value that matches the required format.
Other than asking him if he has another email (which I don't really want to do), are there any ways to sort this?

Jake Bunce

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You could edit the field and remove the Value Match Requirements:

Admin CP -> Users -> Custom User Fields

That would allow you to enter an invalid value when editing the user.

Chris D

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Wait a moment...

Where are you entering that e-mail address?

The error references Windows Live - are you inputting it into the Windows Live custom user field? Or are you literally just updating his e-mail address field? If you're updating the e-mail address field only, then this error shouldn't be happening unless you've got some stray stuff in that field that you don't need.

Other than that, I can't replicate this problem.

Is a perfectly valid e-mail address, and my installation accepts it fine. Therefore the only explanation is there's some other stray data in one of the fields.


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I'm doing it via:

Users > Search User (and find) > Email field under the username when you click the user.

I've edited for other accounts before and after trying it for this user and it worked fine - it's just this user where I'm having the problem, which is why I was wondering if it was the email.

Edit: Found the problem! Before conversion he had put, "The Khan" in his Windows Live contact information. *tuts at self* Should have thought to look at that first. Thank for the help, Chris!