XF 2.2 Member "Update Status" -- color me confused


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Profile post = Update Status. It seems like it's intended as a glorified tweet. What I'm struggling with before I turn this on for the members is, it seems that when you "Update Status" from your profile block pop-up, you enter it and it just goes away. Did it happen? Didn't it happen? WHAT IS my STATUS? Where do I see it? Where does anyone see it? Yes, you have to go to your profile page to check it out.

Okay, I have the sidebar widgets in a few places to show the latest profile posts and/or from people you follow, but if you aren't in the right place, you won't see them. Why call it a status if the "STATUS" doesn't show up in your profile pop-up anywhere? Finding the link to the main profile in the user profile block is quite buried and not easy to get to. Most especially if you are a brand new user. I think I need to add an explicit link to the main profile in the list of links in the profile block pop to help users find it better.

So, profile posts can include images and links. I have to employ some css to hide those from the sidebar widgets so they aren't polluting things.

What would make more sense to me is if there was a SHORT, character-limited TITLE to a status update that would be at the top of the longer profile post (if they elaborated). That title could then be shown as the last line of text right ABOVE the "Update Status" entry field. OR if that's asking too much, pull the first X characters of the post followed by some indicator to click to read more (sans any bbcode or links or images or anything) and put that on the profile pop-up.

OR maybe since I'm still new at XF, I'm not getting it or don't have things configured properly or it's a template issue. ??

Looking forward to using it, because it looks like it will be pretty cool, but this one aspect to it is quite confusing to me. And if I'm struggling with it, I know my members will, too. I think it can be a big help to boosting interaction with the site.
If you post a new message on your own profile page, it updates your status.

If you post a new message on someone else's profile page, it's a profile post and doesn't update their status.
Yes, I think I understand that part of how it currently works. It's the "Update Status" ability that is invited everywhere and shown nowhere except on your detailed profile page or maybe fleetingly on a sidebar that is the issue. A member's status should travel with them and be shown where their profile pops up since it's asked to be updated in that general area as well. IMO for what it's worth.
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