Fixed account dropdown in visitor tabs focus state on Update Status (mobile)

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Ian Hitt

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This is not necessarily a bug, but it is a usability issue. The Update Status input gets focus automatically upon expanding the account dropdown in visitor tabs. This is fine for desktop, but on mobile that input is not visible on the screen without scrolling, so you get a keyboard, but no visible input. Suggestion would be to not auto-focus that input for mobile, Alternatively, you can could stop auto focusing when viewport height is smaller than modal height.


XenForo developer
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I've made this change globally now. Arguably it does work for desktop, though that can be difficult to tell. This is actually coming from a generic system for autofocusing within menus, which normally works and makes sense if the menu is primarily form input driven, but in this case, it's actually a really minor/bonus feature and likely not the main draw.

So if you want to update your status, you will to explicitly click it. This also reduces the prominence of that area slightly, since the button doesn't appear until focused.