Can't stay logged into the admin panel


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I can stay logged into the site just fine, but every request on the admin panel requires me to log in again.

The reason is that from my current location I'm behind who knows how many routers and my IP changes from request to request. So getting logged out makes sense and it appears there's probably not an admin cookie, that remains valid, but there is for the forum itself.

I'm assuming this is a security thing. Either way though, would it be possible to work something out so that I can remain logged in if I choose?

Jake Bunce

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This might be a problem of IP detection. Some proxy setups can cause problems with IP detection.

Visit this page:


Search the page for "REMOTE_ADDR" to make sure it is showing your correct IP address. It should show your external IP. If the IP is not correct then search for your correct IP to see if it shows under a different variable.