XF 2.2 Cant send messages


I dont know whats wrong but im not able to send messages in the forum.
Everytime i try to send a message to a user (not matter wich user or usergroup) i recieve this error message:

does someone know what the problem is here ?
Im not that good in coding stuff so please explain it slowly.
Sorry for that. For sure i will share it.

As i explain, everytime i try to send messages (dont matter if its an user, admin or some other usergroups) i recive that error message on top.
After my post here has someone message me in pm and ask for the File Health Check.
I make the File Health Check and noticed some errors.

Thats a little part from it:

After that he tell me that i need to reupload the folder "src/vendor"
He also ask me if i use ftp client software. And yes i do !
I use filezilla ftp client.

He say thats better to not use such ftp clients for important datas / folders because they can broke or not copy the files correctly.
And thats exactly what happen in my case.

I reupload the folder with cpanel filemanager and it works.
No errors anymore when i make File Health Check and the message function is back without any errors :)

These are the simple instructions for my problem:

1. Download a new copy of XenForo from your Account area, be sure to select the correct version and the Upgrade version.

2. Upload to your server the XenForo Zip, use cPanel File Manager.

3. Unzip it, it will be in a folder called Upload.

4. Copy from Upload/src/vendor to the src/vendor folder.'

Fixed !


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