SMF 2.0.x importer does not import send private messages to XF 2.2

Affected version

Black Tiger

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As being discovered by @rbrad the XF2.2 importer for SMF 2.0.1x does not import send pm's.
Since I already did a test import, I can confirm this.

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Summary of my findings with a SMF 2.0.17 board:

No Sent PMs are imported, nor any PMs (Sent or Received) associated with deleted members.

As a further observation, when an SMF user has changed their display name (as opposed to their Username used at time of registration), then the script also fails to associate any PMs with the new display name.
The import was performed without ticking the 'merge users with same username' box: I'm unsure if this is material.

The developer edits here for XF 1.5.13 are incompatible with XF 2.2.2 and generate a server error


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Message from the XenForo team today "We ae unable to provide dates or timescales of when bug reports will be addressed and a new release will be made." I've decided not to wait and go ahead with an incomplete import
Thanks for sharing this!(y)
I'll go ahead too. Already posted a warning on the forums that users should make a copy as back-up of the conversations they wish to keep.

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Thank you for sharing this!
I still have some time because I need to fix my own forum first again.
Hopefully it will not take too long before it will be addressed.