MG 1.1 Can't display more than 5 images.


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I've been struggling for a couple of hours to try and get the random images block to display more then 5 images on the forums page. I have 11 images in a category yet the Recent/Random Media box refuses to show more than 5 images and and only shows the same 5 images, even though it is set to random. I've manually run the cron but nothing changes. Is there another setting that I have missed somewhere? Thanks.

Here are my settings and the block....

Chris D

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To be honest, there's not a lot we can do about this. There's a very specific approach involved in retrieving a list of random images in a performant way.

It's not perfect, and it's not truly random, as such, and this shows, especially when there aren't a lot of items to choose from. In your case, it only has 11 images to choose from and 10 images to display.

Random media works much better when there's a bigger pool of images to choose from. I'd recommend there being as many as 5 times the amount of images you need to display in the slider being available, so if this specific category grows to around 50 images, that would probably work better.