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Adam Howard

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cliffs notes: offers exceptional services at a fair value (y)

Welcome to my review of

All good things​
  • Pre - sales - Friendly
It's important for the sales department to speak clearly, calmly, without rushing, and in a friendly manner. I held pre-sales department in a 2 1/2 hour chat and they did not try to rush me or dismiss me and kept their messages clear, calm, professional, and friendly.
  • Pre- sale - Informative
It is important that the sales department know the answers to things without having to search for their own answers.
  • Pre- Sales - Accurate
It is very important that the information obtained from the sales department is accurate and that no misinformation is given in error or an attempt to mislead someone in order to make a sale.
  • Overall Fast
The site has remain fast loading the majority of the time with an average response time of 700 ms (link). The majority of our traffic comes from Middle East, Canada, The UK, USA, and Japan. No visitors have complained about the site loading.
  • Good uptime
The site has maintained an average of 99.5% uptime (link)
  • Fair economical value
For the level of services provided + support + uptime + speed, I have found the price we are currently paying to be of a fair economical value ($30 per month)
  • No hidden fees
It is important that no "extra fees" suddenly be attached after joining or be applied. At this time, we have encounter zero hidden fees.
  • No up selling attempts
It is important that support does not use or recommend upgrading servers or adding new services as tool to resolve issues.
  • Flexible
I have found to be flexible as most host set up their box & their plans "as is". Reasonable flexibility is very important and very appreciated.
  • Friendly support
Support has remained friendly and professional
  • Real answers
Support has not "deferred" to script responses and have replied with answers which actually do revolve around the ticket in question.
  • Productive support
Support overall seems willing to look into matters and actually resolve things with solutions.
  • Quick Support response
It is important that support is quick to respond during normal business hours during a full work week. With the exceptions of holidays and weekends.
  • Adult friendly allows for legal adult content (nudity)
  • Reasonable Terms of Services / Acceptable user policy
The terms of services and acceptable user policy have been agreeable and have not suddenly been changed (stable documentation).
  • Acceptable DMCA response
It is important that the hosting provider does not "freak out" at the sight of a DMCA notice.

* Many of my sites do receive these notices. Not because we do anything illegal, but because this has become "the weapon of choice" from competitors and religious groups who simply wish for us to "go away". And it is important for us to be able to dispute such notices without removing our content (which is our legal right). However many host seem to think and act as though a DMCA Notice was the be all, above all, pre-ordained from GOD, and wrongfully act accordingly as such. This maybe why it is "the weapon of choice" from competition and haters / trolls.
  • User friendly control panel
While I can easily use a site without a control panel, I do have a business partner who is dependent on them. It is also important that if the control panel has been customized that it remains easy to use, learn, is intuitive, and still fast loading.
  • Support at no extra cost
Believe it or not, I have had host try to charge me a premium or suggest extra fees to answer questions or resolve issues dealing with their own set up. So it is important that reasonable support is included.
  • Stable
Thus far our host has overall proved to be stable.
  • Secure
Thus far our host has overall proved to be secure.

The Overall Final Score
The collective sum of all things

A :cool:
I have found to be fairly prices, fast, stable, secure, supportive, friendly, flexible, and overall easy to work with as being their customer for a web hosting services provider. I would recommend them to other people who maybe seeking a web hosting service provider. :)