XF 1.1 Cannot upload avatars


Hello there,

My users are having issues uploading new avatars to my forum.

The error they receive is

"The image could not be processed by the server. Please try another or contact the site owner."

I have looked at the suggestions on here regarding chmodding the data and internal_data folders but the issue still persists.

I have recently moved the forums to a new host if that is relevant, thanks.
Nothing more in the log?

Admin CP -> Tools -> Server Error Log

Permissions would give a more specific error. This error appears as though your image library just doesn't support the image.

What type of image? What image library are you using? (GD or ImageMagick)

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Attachments -> Default Image Processor
Plenty of these:

ErrorException: move_uploaded_file(/home/websites/gontroller.com/htdocs/community/internal_data/attachments/0/567-6f633d0c35e9db4337a2f32b79712d5e.data): failed to open stream: Permission denied - library/XenForo/DataWriter/AttachmentData.php:203

Loads of these too:

ErrorException: getimagesize(): Read error! - library/XenForo/Model/Avatar.php:88

Using built in GD library.
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