Cannot login or signup in the forum


I've installed xenforo in a subfolder of a wordpress installation, but if i try to login or signup on the forum i get an error saying "Oops! Something went wrong... Try again. You may find more information in the browser console."
I've checked the console browser and nothing is logged, except for a network request that return 404 because wordpress trying to find "community/login/?_xfRequestUri=%2Fcommunity%2F&_xfWithData=1&_xfToken=1565905216%2C38d4c770e5568b37b569117d49a600e1&_xfResponseType=json" in itself...

what i can do to fix this? i doubt is a wordpress problem tbh


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It looks like something to do with friendly URLs being enabled. You'll see that the link is community/login and it doesn't work, but if you change it to community/index.php?login then it does.

So this is either some sort of clash with rewrites in the Wordpress root or you haven't configured friendly URLs correctly.
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