Can you Reroute Controller POST to another Controller?


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When a route is executed as a POST, ie for example register/register url structure. Question is can I reroute a controller Form POST to another controller. A good example of this is we have a way that our members can register through the registration process for a specific area, and paid for that area if they haven't registered yet. So therefore we want to make it so that registration process & payment process are done at the same time to reduce the amount of ping pong back and forth to different URL.

So my idea was to have the registration process extended from the default using Event Code Listener. And there As soon as the registration method is finished rather than showing the view I was thinking that maybe the reroute method would allow me to continue more POST data there.

Is this possible?

Jake Bunce

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if ($this->_request->isPost())
	return $this->responseReroute('XenForo_ControllerPublic_Thread', 'show-posts');
This can be used inside of a controller action to reroute the response to a different controller and action.