XF 1.3 Can I redo the import process?

Tim Jay

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I made the mistake of not backing up the database right after installing xenforo.

I imported users, usergroups, and forums from my live vbulletin forum. Not the posts & threads.

I am saving those for later as I have xenforo on a test setup where I am finalizing the design and making sure everything can get carried over.

Is it possible to import all the data and then run it again in a few days and grab only the newest data that was missed the first time (users, threads, posts) or does the import need to go through the complete process and grab everything again?

I'd like to have as much data from the live site as possible on xenforo to make sure everything is good to go. But I've already imported data that will be stale in a week or two once I'm ready to go live. How can I grab this new data?

Tim Jay

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Or perhaps, there's a way to clear out the db and do the import process from scratch while I close down the live vbulletin forum? That would probably take an hour or two, so I guess I'm wondering if there are more efficient ways to go about this transition.


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Dropping the tables would work. (You can just delete the internal_data/install-lock.php file and then go to <url>/install/ and start the reinstall from there.)

Tim Jay

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I exported all the styles and child styles, deleted install-lock.php, reinstalled xenforo, imported the styles and child styles in the correct order.

My xenforo style seems to be completely broken now.

edit: I probably have to re upload the style files. (never mind, they are still there)

This sucks. The style export or import definitely doesn't do it's job or I'm missing an obvious step.
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Tim Jay

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I had to install the Parent style .xml from scratch and then import my Child style .xml but my settings weren't all there.. Oh well, back to work I guess.

I grabbed a db backup this time without any data. Hopefully I don't have to repeat this installation process again and lose my style settings.