XF 2.2 Import process


We have installed Xenforo in preparation for moving from a vBulletin forum. I learned, after the fact, to save a copy of the dB before importing. Oops. I now have a test install with 141 members and 60,000 posts. What compounds this is we will have to manually bring in a bunch of Media and Blog Articles, which I also have already done.

Is it possible to delete all the posts and members to get a clean dB to work from or have I screwed the pooch and need to start all over to get that clean dB?

We had hoped to use this sequence in our conversion:
  1. Put up a new Xenforo site, behind the scenes and get it set up for use
  2. Manually add the media to the gallery
  3. Manually add the articles into the forum
  4. Shutdown the vBulletin forum for conversion
  5. Import vBulletin details
  6. Open new Xenforo site, moving it from the sub-folder to our root folder.
In our test install, we've added parent and 2 child themes, XenGallery and importers for vBulletin, 4-5 Addons, and some custom setup to get our pages appearing the way we want.

Any suggestions. If I have to do it all over, so be it, but I am not sure what I can do when and still have as seamless a conversion as possible.

Thanks for any ideas

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