Can anyone help me purchase Xenforo License


I have been trying to purchase xenforo license but their Paypal continuously gives error. I dont know if it has to do with anything by my Paypal being India but it is verified. I have contacted support they sent personal invoice but still same error. I have replied them and did not receive response yet. I have seen many facing similars issues on this forum specially users from India and they purchased it through some one else. So if someone can help me purchase the license , i can transfer $140 directly to their Paypal. Maybe its not working because Indian Paypal cannot use Paypal balance to purchase and all payments are done by Credit Card attached to paypal.

Please let me know if anyone can help me

Thank you

Chris D

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I would offer but I'm in the UK so I get charged VAT :mad:

It would be around $170 so you'd be best to get someone else or hope that XenForo get back to you soon.


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Alternatively you can use the Contact Us link to ask the team if another payment option is available, or if they have a way of enabling you to purchase a license. (y)

Sadik B

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Hey Proxpert, I am from India and I have never faced an issue on Paypal. I had helped another guy purchase Xenforo in the past. He had transferred the exact amount to my bank account and I had purchased it with my Paypal for him. We can do the same if you want.


P.S If you agree that would be the eighth Xenforo License I would be directly responsible for selling! Ashley, start an affiliate program please!!! :p :LOL: