Call-to-Action Button White Hightlight


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How do i remove the white highlight of the Call-to-Action button?

Here's a screenshot of the button im working on:

Its that white line along the top of the button. That white line actually exists in the default button too, but the fade to white toward the top of the default button makes it very hard to notice.


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It can be a bunch of things. It might as simple as a margin making some transparent stuff show the background color of html or similar.


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Try the following in extra but bare in mind replace your image path with your image. You may need to add your other button classes also

.quickReply .button, .quickReply .button:focus, .quickReply .button:focus {
    background: url("Path/to/your/custom/image.png") repeat-x scroll center top transparent !important;
    border-color: transparent !important;


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It didnt work :(

I fixed it though. I looked at the page source and found the section controlling buttons and noticed that the top border was defined. Then i went into the button section and i noticed that the top and bottom border's were set to white (its so hard to tell them from transparent).

Thanks for the help though ;)