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Call Controllermethod from ControllerHelper

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by ajnos, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. ajnos

    ajnos Member

    i'm trying to call a Method from a Controller in the Controller Helper.
        public function assertCategoryValidAndViewable($categoryId, array $fetchOptions = array())
    $fetchOptions += array('permissionCombinationId' => $this->_visitor['permission_combination_id']);

    $category $this->getCategoryOrError($categoryId$fetchOptions);
            if (isset(
    $forum['node_permission_cache'])) {
    $this->_visitor->setNodePermissions($category['node_id'], $category['node_permission_cache']);

            if (!
    $this->_controller->_getCategoryModel()->canView($category$errorPhraseKey)) {
    #       throw $this->_controller->getErrorOrNoPermissionResponseException($errorPhraseKey);

    _getCategoryModel is a valid method in my controller:
         * @return Ragtek_AS_Model_Category
    protected function _getCategoryModel(){
    If i run this code, i'm getting:
  2. Arik

    Arik Well-Known Member

    It's valid, but it's marked as protected, so it can't be called from outside the class.

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